Company Registration

Company Registration

Nordiclex helps companies to enter the Nordics by establishing new businesses and complying with local laws and corporate governance, especially in Finland.

Finland is the only Nordic country in the European Union that has adopted the Euro currency. The low tax rate on the corporates is 20% which is why it is attracting the foreign companies to Finland.

While establishing a company in Finland, choice of the field of activity, company form, the name of the company and optional name in case if the first one is not available, and the municipality of the company has to be determined. Additionally, the number of founders, capital amount, sharing of responsibilities and decision making, financing and taxation are factors that impact the selection about which legal entity to choose.

A typical popular one legal entity is Limited company osakeyhtiƶ (OY). At least one of a shareholder is required, No share capital needed and 1-5 regular members in the board of directors.

At least one shareholder, one ordinary member and one deputy member in the board of directors required and one member of the board of director must be resident of any EEA country and have an address in EEA country.
Registration of the company may take 1 to 2 weeks after the submitting of the full set of legal documents at the Finnish Trade Register (PRH)